FAQ Answers to your most important questions

FAQ Answers to your most important questions

Will my surgery be performed at your clinic?

All procedures requiring no anesthesia or only local anesthesia are performed at our fully accredited clinic. Dr. Durand performs all operations requiring general anesthesia in a controlled operating environment either at our clinic or in a hospital, with a dedicated team of registered nurses and certified anesthetists.

Do you guarantee positive results?

Although we will do everything possible to ensure you achieve your desired results, we cannot guarantee the final outcome. This is why we take the appropriate amount of time with all of our patients before any procedure to ensure they have realistic expectations.

How painful is the process?

The level of discomfort or pain varies according to each patient’s individual pain tolerance and the procedure. Many procedures that we perform are virtually painless and can be performed in a very short period of time. This means you can resume your normal activities almost immediately. For more complex surgeries, we take every precaution to minimize your level of pain/discomfort.

How long will the procedure take?

Most plastic surgery operations require approximately 2-3 hours to complete. However, some non-surgical procedures such as neuromodulator or filler injections may be completed in as little as 15 to 20 minutes!

Are there any risks involved?

If you are contemplating any esthetic treatments, you will be made aware of the possible risks and any adverse reactions. You should discuss these with our professional staff before making any decision.

How long will it take me to recover?

Your recovery period will vary depending on the actual procedure as well as each individual. For example, some of our non-surgical procedures such as neuromodulator treatments require no recovery period, whereas more complex procedures such as breast reconstruction will require longer to heal. Dr. Durand will discuss the approximate recovery timeframes of the various procedures during your private consultation.

Can anyone choose to have plastic surgery performed?

Most individuals are suitable candidates for plastic surgery. However, we need to ensure that you have realistic expectations and are undergoing treatments for the right reasons. Your safety is also of the utmost concern. This is why we ask you to complete detailed patient forms and schedule a private consultation with Dr. Durand before undergoing any procedures offered by our clinic.

Will my procedure be covered by my medical insurance?

In general, esthetic treatments are not covered by government insurance. Private medical insurance may however partially cover some treatments. Patients are encouraged to inquire with their respective insurance companies.

Where can I find out more about specific procedures?

We suggest you begin by visiting the links in our Procedures section. You will also find more detailed information in our Links section. If you require further information, you can bring a list of questions with you during your consultation with Dr. Durand.

Are the procedures expensive?

The price varies according to the actual procedure. However, the physical, mental and emotional well-being experienced by the majority of our patients usually outweighs the financial expense.

What are the most common surgeries?

The most common procedures involve breast surgery and tummy surgery in order to reverse some of the changes induced by pregnancy and or weight loss. As well, eyelid surgery, nose reshaping and liposuction are very common procedures.

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