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The nose, for some people, can create a real face complex. To solve this, a surgery technique known as rhinoplasty can be very useful.

A rhinoplasty (commonly referred to as a “nose-job”) is a procedure intended to change the overall appearance and function of the nose. It can be done on the entire nose or just on a part like the bump or the nose tip. A rhinoplasty is usually performed for personal reasons, or subsequent to localized trauma that upsets the overall shape of the nose. This reparative solution consists of 3 different processes:

  • Corrective rhinoplasty which is just aesthetic.
  • Functional rhinoplasty which aims more to remedying a medical problem such as breathing difficulties.
  • Reconstructive rhinoplasty which follows an accident like a broken nose or a trauma (ex: athletes).

The surgery is mostly painless and with few visible scars because the gestures performed by the surgeon are minimal for the patient comfort. The result is not immediate as it takes a few months before the skin and the bone recover from this surgery but the recovery is relatively fast. The goal is to achieve a modification in harmony with the rest of the face (forehead, mouth, chin, etc.) but also to offer a completely natural aspect. The surgeon will adapt the process to the needs of the patient, so it is a custom-made surgery.

Typical candidates for a rhinoplasty include men and women in good health who desire to change the appearance of their nose. It is important to know that the final growth of the nose is reached at the age of 16. On the other hand, after the age of 50, the surgery can have a rejuvenating effect for some patients.

A considered decision to obtain a result that can perfectly harmonize with the other features of your face.

Our team of professionals is always available to help you and to discuss the reasons and the goals of the surgery. A first appointment is necessary to plan a comprehensive review before any surgery, and to answer all your questions.