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Your face is the first part of your body that is perceived by yourself and by others. It is therefore, justifiable to give it a meticulous consideration. Depending on the zones to be embellished, we offer various solutions to improve the harmony of the face and neck.

With the passage of time, our skin loses its inherent elastic properties, and is more and more subject to the constant pull of gravity on its tissues. In so far as the region of the face is concerned, this constant downward pull of gravity results the appearance of jowls and loose skin on the front of the neck. Exposure of the skin to ultraviolet light (such as the sun), exposure to first or second hand smoke, and other hereditary factors may accelerate the premature ageing of the skin and accounts for why some people’s facial skin appears to age faster than others.

Facelift surgery is an efficient and frequent procedure that turns back the hands of time. It removes sagging skin from the cheek and neck areas and replacing the underlying anatomy in its previous anatomic position. The result is a more youthful and relaxed appearance to the face, giving a smoothed skin result and attenuated wrinkles. To avoid over stretching the skin, it is possible to use additional fillers. Scars are invisible to offer a maximum of comfort to the patient. The surgery is specifically performed where the excess of fat to remove is located, and each surgery is specific to the patient.

Typical candidates include men and women in good health, who have noticed slight to moderate sagging of the skin in the cheeks and at the front of the neck. Typically, these changes in facial skin are not present under the age of 40, except in exceptional circumstances.

Our team of professionals is always available to help you and to discuss the reasons and the goals of the surgery. A first appointment is necessary to plan a comprehensive review before any surgery, and to answer all your questions.